Accounting Software Solutions for Your Wellington Business

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If you are a business owner, then you certainly know that keeping track of your finances becomes increasingly difficult as the paperwork accumulates year by year. The faster your business grows, the more difficult it becomes to manage financial transactions, payroll and cash flow. New Zealand businesses have a range of accounting software solutions available to help them keep on top of their financial accounts. Xero is one of these solutions, and here you will find a deeper insight into the software along with what makes it so popular in New Zealand.

Why Do Customers Choose The Xero Software Solution?

More than 300,000 customers rely on the Xero software solution to manage the finances of their businesses which shows just how trustworthy and reliable this programme is. Intuitive and very easy to use, Xero features both basic and advanced features that will make accounting and finance tracking seem like a breeze.

One of the reasons why so many users rely on Xero is because this accounting software solution automatically feeds bank statement lines into your Xero account, quickly and effortlessly. Your account is updated, synchronised and secure all the time! In addition to this, Xero is widely known for its unparalleled accessibility, as you can easily log into your account and manage your finances at anytime and from anywhere. All you need in order to get a real-time view of how your business is doing is a reliable Internet connection.

What Are The Most Notable Features Of The Xero Accounting Software Solution?

The Xero accounting software is easy to use, versatile and adaptable. For instance, Xero makes invoicing easy.You can effortlessly create professional recurring invoices and have full access to your latest PayPal transactions, credit card transactions and banking operations.

Unlike other accounting software solutions which can be only accessed via PC or laptop, Xero is designed to be accessed via smart phones and tablets. The Xero mobile application is very fast and it provides you instant access to your finances, transactions and other business operations when you are on the go.

Xero allows you to add an unlimited number of users to the programme. This is a fantastic feature of the system as it enables you to share information with your accountant, financial advisor or business partner, in real time. Many accountancy firms use the Xero system which makes compatibility and sharing data easy and fast. If you are a business owner in Wellington and are looking for Xero accountants in Wellington then contact Stephenson Thorner.


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