Business Accounting for the Small Business Owner


Would you like to grow your Wellington business to make it achieve its full potential? Your financial accounts make up a large part of the growth, stability and long term success of your business so it is important to have a good overview and control of your numbers. If you are not confident with your finances, taxation and budgeting then it is important to work with professional accountants that do!

Stephenson Thorner is a Wellington based chartered accounting firm with a team comprising of business advisors as well as chartered accountants. As much as the team love numbers they speak your language so if you are a local business owner why not give the Stephenson Thorner team a call and find out how their business accounting packages can grow your business.

For the small business owner, choosing a type of business accounting technique can be overwhelming, especially if it is for the first time. At Stephenson Thorner, their team of chartered and cloud accountants can help you choose the best accounting technique for your business. They help you do this first by understanding your type of business and the goals you have set for it.

At Stephenson Thorner, they offer three main service plans for small businesses. The Essentials plan, the Growth plan and the Strategy plan. The essentials plan is geared towards helping business owners sort their tax and accounting requirements. This plan is suitable for micro and start-up businesses. Subscribers to the essentials plan will also get a quarterly business newsletter, income tax returns, annual accounts and an annual meeting with your Stephenson Thorner accountant to discuss and review your business goals.

The growth plan comes with the services under the essentials plan but it also comprises other services such as quarterly board of accountability meetings, annual budget and cash flow forecasts as well as spotlight management reports on a quarterly basis.

The strategy plan is more comprehensive and offers all the services enjoyed by the other two subscriptions as well as free entry to the online system Launching Pad and any other activities that are organised for Stephenson Thorner clients.

Stephenson Thorner use the Xero system to make accounting in Wellington very easy for our clients. The system was launched in 2007 and is updated regularly to ensure that their clients get accurate information concerning their finances. Apart from the packages offered at Stephenson Thorner, their team of advisors and accountants can help you with any questions you may have.

If you want Stephenson and Thorner to handle your accounting needs for your small business, visit their website at to get a free fixed quote on their business accounting services. Stephenson Thorner are a dynamic company that seeks innovative accounting solutions and keeps up to date with the current accounting trends and products to the benefit of all their clients.


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