How Cloud Accounting Can Help Small Business Owners

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Your finances just got easier to manage with the use of cloud accounting. Cloud accounting gives you online access to manage and maintain your business accounts and financial records with ease.

If you are running a small business, it is not always easy to control your finances and accounting can sometimes seem overwhelming with all the measuring, auditing and reconciliation you need to do. This is where cloud accounting can help.

Here are some of the ways cloud accounting can help small business owners take charge of their finances.

One: It can improve collaboration between each party

Emails, calendars and important documents can be easily shared with colleagues and clients via cloud accounting. This improved sharing of information has the potential to enable your company to react quickly to business opportunities and can optimise your business performance.

According to a 2015 survey by CompTIA, it is suggested that around 47 percent of small businesses are using technology to improve their business efficiency.

Using cloud-based programs is an easy way to make use of technology to streamline your accounting processes and you will quickly see the benefits for your business.

Two: Limitless availability of the application

Cloud accounting provides huge assistance to the management of your business as it is a virtual accountant which you can access anytime rather than having to rely on a real-person with limited work hours.

If you also access the cloud accounting service frequently your subscription will certainly cost less than what a professional would charge for the same availability.

Three: It secures your data backup

Most business owners are too tied up in their business agendas to have time to implement a backup strategy. A cloud-based service is able to back up your data frequently and automatically to a safe online location.

If the unexpected happens, it will back up and run within minutes; it will retrieve the latest version of data in case of disaster or failure. The data will be saved in multiple centres across multiple locations to improve security.

If you are unsure about managing your accounts online accountants specialist cloud accountants should be your first port of call. If you are looking for chartered accountants in Wellington who have experience in cloud accounting then talk to Stephenson Thorner. The team are business growth specialists and cloud accounting experts who can help take your Wellington business to the next level.

Just visit their website at to find out more about how cloud accounting can make your business greater.


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