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What is a Chartered Accountant and Why are they Needed?


If you are interested in numbers, have great attention to detail and can understand intricate financial processes then training as an accountant could be the ideal career for you. Just as there are different specialities of medicine and law the same is true for accountancy. In New Zealand some of the most popular fields of accountancy are: public, government and management accountancy.

Once you have completed your accountancy qualification and have started work you can take the next step in your professional career by becoming a Chartered Accountant. Being a Chartered Accountant means that you have reached the highest standards of ethical, professional and technical expertise. In this article we will look at what being a Chartered Accountant means for accounting professionals, and for the general public who need accounting advice.

Why become a Chartered Accountant

To become a Chartered Accountant you need to meet extra training and professional development requirements set by the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. Completing your Chartered Accountant qualification opens many doors for your career and shows prospective employers that you have real world skills and experience. As the qualification is internationally recognised you will also have the opportunity to work overseas.

Why use a Chartered Accountant

When starting up a new business or devising strategies to grow an existing business, it is wise to get financial advice from an expert.

Chartered Accountants are experts in their field, up-to-date on the latest business issues and committed to ongoing professional education. A Chartered Accountant is different than an accountant because to become chartered you need to demonstrate the following criteria:

A Chartered Accountant is:

Employing a Chartered Accountant means you are hiring a highly skilled professional who is among the very best in the accounting business.

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