Why Outsourcing Your Accounting Is A Good Idea For Your Wellington Business

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Managing payroll, book keeping, audits and other accounting services can be very challenging and time-consuming for a business owner.

Your business finances can be quite daunting if accounting isn’t one of your strongest skills. Many business owners choose to outsource their accounting services to save themselves time and effort.

If you are looking for accounting support in Wellington, Stephenson Thorner are a firm of chartered professional accountants who can manage your finances so they meet all the essential accounting and tax requirements of New Zealand.

In this article you can find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your accounting work:

Make the most of your time

Regardless of how busy you are there is only so much you can do within a day – and it is up to you to make the most of your time. By outsourcing your financial needs to a professional accountant, you will free up valuable time and be able to focus on other necessary aspects of your business.

Outsourcing the accounting for your Wellington business means you will get highly accurate and efficiently backed up data, without having to spend hours on working it out yourself.

You don’t need to hire extra staff

By outsourcing your financial requirements to a Wellington accounting firm you have no need to hire an extra employee.

This is a good way to cut back on your expenses, particularly if you are just setting up a business. Using accountants in Wellington, such as Stephenson Thorner, you will not only get support in managing daily accounting tasks but also advice and guidance about how to expand and grow your business without overspending.

Peace Of Mind

Accountants who handle outsourced work are skilled and highly trained, and they have in-depth expertise in their area of speciality. Some accountants specialise exclusively in tax, while others deal with a wide array of accounting tasks.

Regardless of your needs, Stephenson Thorner can provide you with a Wellington accountant to suit your business and budget.

Professional accountants have great expertise in their specific fields and undertake regular professional development training. They also benefit from using state of the art technology resources including a diverse selection of accounting apps and software to manage your accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

For professional accounting services in Wellington, contact Stephenson Thorner and find out about the affordable business accounting packages available now.


Some Tips On How To Get Your Business Financials Back On Track

Starting a new business can be particularly challenging, which is why most start-up entrepreneurs or small business owners seek financial advice. Financial management is considered one of the most important aspects for a new business as runaway spending and bankruptcy can be a real concern for business owners.
If you need an accountant and your business is based in Wellington, Stephenson Thorner is an established accountancy firm that can help you secure your capital and to manage your cash flow. Here are some useful and simple tips that will help you make the best of your business finances, and avoid the most common financial pitfalls:

1. Maintain Records

A very common mistake business owners tend to make is that they throw away bank statements and receipts once a transaction is completed, when instead they should store them somewhere safe.
If you do not like to maintain the records the classic way, then you can always use one of the tens of smart phone and tablet applications that are specifically designed for this, such as the OneReceipt App or Smart Receipts App, which allows you to store, access, edit comments and download your receipts whenever needed. This way, you will never have to wonder where your money went!

2. Pay Attention To The Debt-Income Ratio

Whether in the black or the red your credit rating will affect the future of your business, adding to or removing the financial options available to you depending on your standing. The debt-income ratio is crucial when doing business, as it can make or break your business.
Unfortunately, many young entrepreneurs tend to neglect their credit card debt – debt that will not go away so easily and that can actually take its toll on your finances whenever you try to get a business loan. If you have recently started a business and you are thinking about taking out a loan that will help you expand it, then it is vital to firstly repay all your personal debt before you do so.

3. Cloud Apps Can Save You Time And Money

Over the past few years, cloud-based accounting software has become widely used worldwide. These apps are easy to use, user-friendly, cost-effective and have an intuitive interface. These apps grant you instant access to your business finances regardless of your location and you can use them for expense reporting, invoicing, finance tracking and so forth.

4. Never Over invest In Your Business

Another common mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they tend to over invest in their business, forgetting that it usually takes two to three years before they actually get to see a positive return on their investment. The chances are your business will need a “capital injection” at some point so you will need to have access to some funds which is why over investing is never a good idea.
These tips are a handy start for those who want to manage their business finances better and more efficiently.Stephenson Thorneraccountants Wellington are professional accountants that can help you navigate and stay on top of your business finances.

Why Should You Use Chartered Accountants In Wellington?


This article details the numerous benefits of hiring a Chartered Accountant (also known as a CA) to manage the cash flow and the taxation of your business. By choosing a Chartered Accountant you are assured that your accountant is professional, skilled, reputable, experienced and highly trained.

CAs guarantee services of the highest quality and provide the right advice to keep your business success on track. There are a number of Chartered Accounting firms in New Zealand, including Stephenson Thorner in Wellington. If you need a Chartered Accountant in Wellington the team at Stephenson Thorner are on hand to answer any questions and help you take control of your finances.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Chartered Accountant In New Zealand?

Chartered Accountants are professionals that are up to date with the latest business issues and are committed to ongoing professional education. Hiring a professional chartered accountant you can rest assured knowing that your business is always in good hands, as the CA designation guarantees quality and expertise in the field.

Chartered Accountants are members of NZICA (the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants) and they are required to undertake periodical professional development training in order to keep their accounting-related knowledge and skill set up to date. They have also received comprehensive theoretical and practical training to gain a deeper insight into their accounting niche.

In order to become Chartered Accountants, these professionals must undergo in-depth training and they must also pass rigorous exams in all fields related to accounting, including but not limited to business analysis and strategy, taxation, financial reporting and auditing as well as financial management, all of which are of utmost importance for the correct financial management of any business in New Zealand.

Another notable reason why you should consider working with a Chartered Accountant is because these professionals are bound by a well-defined and widely accepted code of ethics, which means that they will always adhere to very high professional standards. If they do not they can be subject to disciplinary procedures enacted by NZICA.

With a solid formal training in the accounting industry, CAs have managed to achieve professional qualifications and they have at least three years of practical, hands-on training with an organisation that is recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Any business in New Zealand, regardless of its size or type, can greatly benefit from the services of a skilled Chartered Accountant. If you are looking for a Chartered Accountants in Wellington contact Stephenson Thorner for more information on how their services can benefit your business.

Accounting Software Solutions for Your Wellington Business

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If you are a business owner, then you certainly know that keeping track of your finances becomes increasingly difficult as the paperwork accumulates year by year. The faster your business grows, the more difficult it becomes to manage financial transactions, payroll and cash flow. New Zealand businesses have a range of accounting software solutions available to help them keep on top of their financial accounts. Xero is one of these solutions, and here you will find a deeper insight into the software along with what makes it so popular in New Zealand.

Why Do Customers Choose The Xero Software Solution?

More than 300,000 customers rely on the Xero software solution to manage the finances of their businesses which shows just how trustworthy and reliable this programme is. Intuitive and very easy to use, Xero features both basic and advanced features that will make accounting and finance tracking seem like a breeze.

One of the reasons why so many users rely on Xero is because this accounting software solution automatically feeds bank statement lines into your Xero account, quickly and effortlessly. Your account is updated, synchronised and secure all the time! In addition to this, Xero is widely known for its unparalleled accessibility, as you can easily log into your account and manage your finances at anytime and from anywhere. All you need in order to get a real-time view of how your business is doing is a reliable Internet connection.

What Are The Most Notable Features Of The Xero Accounting Software Solution?

The Xero accounting software is easy to use, versatile and adaptable. For instance, Xero makes invoicing easy.You can effortlessly create professional recurring invoices and have full access to your latest PayPal transactions, credit card transactions and banking operations.

Unlike other accounting software solutions which can be only accessed via PC or laptop, Xero is designed to be accessed via smart phones and tablets. The Xero mobile application is very fast and it provides you instant access to your finances, transactions and other business operations when you are on the go.

Xero allows you to add an unlimited number of users to the programme. This is a fantastic feature of the system as it enables you to share information with your accountant, financial advisor or business partner, in real time. Many accountancy firms use the Xero system which makes compatibility and sharing data easy and fast. If you are a business owner in Wellington and are looking for Xero accountants in Wellington then contact Stephenson Thorner.

What is a Chartered Accountant and Why are they Needed?


If you are interested in numbers, have great attention to detail and can understand intricate financial processes then training as an accountant could be the ideal career for you. Just as there are different specialities of medicine and law the same is true for accountancy. In New Zealand some of the most popular fields of accountancy are: public, government and management accountancy.

Once you have completed your accountancy qualification and have started work you can take the next step in your professional career by becoming a Chartered Accountant. Being a Chartered Accountant means that you have reached the highest standards of ethical, professional and technical expertise. In this article we will look at what being a Chartered Accountant means for accounting professionals, and for the general public who need accounting advice.

Why become a Chartered Accountant

To become a Chartered Accountant you need to meet extra training and professional development requirements set by the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. Completing your Chartered Accountant qualification opens many doors for your career and shows prospective employers that you have real world skills and experience. As the qualification is internationally recognised you will also have the opportunity to work overseas.

Why use a Chartered Accountant

When starting up a new business or devising strategies to grow an existing business, it is wise to get financial advice from an expert.

Chartered Accountants are experts in their field, up-to-date on the latest business issues and committed to ongoing professional education. A Chartered Accountant is different than an accountant because to become chartered you need to demonstrate the following criteria:

A Chartered Accountant is:

  • a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • trained for a minimum of six years to achieve the Chartered Accountant designation
  • required to undertake professional development training
  • bound by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand code of ethics and required to adhere to professional standards
  • subject to the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand disciplinary procedures
  • subject to periodic review of their professional practices
  • eligible to obtain a Certificate of Public Practice to offer services to the public as a Chartered Accountant.

Employing a Chartered Accountant means you are hiring a highly skilled professional who is among the very best in the accounting business.

If you are looking for an accounting firm in Wellington, then using Google is a good place to start. When you search ‘Chartered Accountants in Wellington‘ you will find links to several accounting firms that employ Chartered Accountants, including Stephenson Thorner.

Stephenson Thorner are a business advisory accountancy firm who work with clients primarily from the creative industries to help stimulate business growth and achieve company goals.

Stephenson Thorner have a team of Chartered Accounts in Wellington who are committed to delivering the highest quality services to their clients. Contact them today at www.stephensonthorner.co.nz for expert accounting and tax advice.